Avengers dragon style

Avengers dragon style

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These are the dragons that i have been working on but this is only my rough draft. Though this is a very interesting picture. The avengers are the coolest team of peopledragons you will ever see in 2012. There is still some work to be done but for now it is the best of my ability. Though you can look forward to the final draft sometime soon.

Thor is the lightning god from myths. Iron man is a genius playboy billionaire philanthropist. Loki is an evil  god from legend who has a special spear to do lots of dangerous things with. Hulk is a pretty smart person when hes not a giant green rage monster, but even then hes pretty cool. Black widow is a person who has a very specific skill set that she learns how to use. Hawk eye is the best archer i have ever seen and can shoot without looking. And finally Captain America who can use a shield like no one else, though his shield is made of a very rare and very hard substance.


  1. What made you decide to do them in dragon form?

    • i am not very good at drawing humans so i drew them the only way i could

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